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Molten rock, toxic gas and steam from a volcanic eruption hs engulfed homes on Big Island with more than 1,700 residents evacuated and 31 homes destroyed.

In images that have emerged since the eruptions began, molten lava can be seen across the area.

And in chilling aerial photos rivers of molten lava are seen flowing towards people’s homes.

Experts have not been able to predict with confidence when the series of eruptions will end – with the first wave hitting the Big Island on Thursday.

Further tremors rocked the region on Friday and residents have been advised that the situation can only be monitored on a day-by-day basis at the moment.

Amber Makuakane, a mother of two who lived in Leilani Estates, saw her home burned down by lava.

She said: “There was some steam rising from all parts of the yard, but everything looked fine.

“My son keeps asking me, ‘Mommy, when are we going to go home?’”

It was later apparent that lava had covered her property.

Ms Makuakane added: “The volcano and the lava – it’s always been a part of my life.

“It’s devastating, but I’ve come to terms with it.”

American Red Cross have estimated that 250 people and 90 pets spent Saturday night at a shelter.

Meanwhile the number of lava-venting fissures in the area continues to rise – from eight to ten overnight.

US Geological Survey volcanologist Wendy Stovall said: “There’s more magma in the system to be erupted.

“As long as that supply is there, the eruption will continue.”

Hawaii County civil defence administrator Taimadge Magno said: “It could be happening for a long time, or on the other hand mysteriously it could just end.”

One official said there was “no sign of things slowing down.”

Kilauea is one of the world’s most active and deadly volcanoes.

The volcano has been erupting since 1983, although there has been no lava threat to the population since slow-moving flow caused road closures in 2014.

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