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The Prime Minister will face Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn amid widespread scrutiny of her controversial deal with Brussels. The showdown comes as Mrs May prepares to meet European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker for talks ahead of the special EU Brexit summit on Sunday at which the remaining 27 member states are expected to approve her plan. The Tory leader is under pressure to make changes to the Northern Irish backstop contained in the Brexit divorce agreement, making it clear how the UK can exit the controversial arrangement.

With large numbers of Conservatives, as well as the 10 DUP MPs who prop up Mrs May’s administration in the Commons, threatening to vote down her deal, the Prime Minister has repeatedly warned that the alternative is a damaging no-deal Brexit.


12.07pm update: Prime Minister warns against a no deal Brexit

Corbyn asks: “Does PM think there are no circumstances under which Britaib would leave with no deal? 

But May says: “No, I have consistently made clear on this point. If you look at the alternative it will be more certainty, more division, or you could risk no Brexit at all. 

Corbyn hit back saying: “You didnt answer the questuon .. is this the final deal or not?” before sayng the deal is “half baked”. 

He added: “The deal is half baked and members of the cabinet want amendments to withdrawal agreement. 

“The Leader of House still has potential to improve on some of measures.” 

12.05pm update: May asked to ‘change direction of Brexit plan’  

Andrew Rosindell says he has a “love of country and a passionate belief in the UK”, sayiung the people of Romford are “deeply unhappy by the EU deaL” because it “does not represent what we voted for”.  

He asks: “Will she now even at this late stage please think again and  lead our country in a new direction?” 

But Mau said: “I think the people across the country voted to bring end of free movement, end to jurisdiction to  the ECJ, our deal delivers, they voted to stop spending vast sums of money to EU. 

“But the EU remains a close trading partner to the UK, as we leave the EU we want to ensure we have a good trading relationship with the EU.” 

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