We’re charmed by these tech products, reimagined for a simpler time


I’m a millennial, so of course I miss the mid-2000s and 1990s out of nostalgia. VHS tapes! Remember those! A freelance art and creative director named Tom Le French seemingly likes thinking about earlier days, too. He published a few images of what he imagines modern tech companies would have released decades ago. Facebook could have created its own pager, while Instagram would have a branded camera, for instance.

There’s something charming about these mega-corportations’ names on a simpler product. No algorithms, no politics — just a gadget that does a simple task well. If nothing else, they’re also pretty to admire. Enjoy these images and think of more relaxing times. You can check out the full collection on Le French’s website here.

Tom Le French

Tom Le French

Tom Le French

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